The coast and turtle conservation projects, help to protect and rehabilitate at-risk turtles. Within Sri Lanka, turtles are under a great threat, which is why volunteers are desperately needed to help with the conservation efforts. One of the main threats is commercial fishing as this is one of the major industries in the coastal area. Turtles are often found wound up in the fisher’s nets, where they lose limbs and become disabled and so they are no longer able to survive in the wild.

Many of these disabled turtles are found by local Sri Lankans, who bring them to the project for rehabilitation and care. This programme aims to provide daily care and rehabilitate to the disabled turtles, with the long term goal of releasing them back into the wild. Furthermore, we also protect the turtle eggs that have been and can be stolen by local poachers. The volunteers then have the chance to release the turtles that hatch back into the wild. This is an emotional and incredible moment for the volunteers as they watch the turtles they protected to be set free into their natural environment.


Alongside this, the many tasks that are undertaken from day to day, include:

  • Cleaning and refilling the turtle tanks.
  • Feeding the turtles.
  • Cleaning the project premises and the relevant beach area. 
  • Take care of the nesting area.
  • Cleaning the turtle’s shells.
  • Releasing hatched baby turtles into the sea.
  • Cleaning Coral reefs.
  • On a weekly basis our local team will arrange a set day for participants to engage in a mass beach clean across the Ambalangoda beach area. 
  • Researching and collecting data. 

Shakthi Foundation

Shakthi Foundation is a Non-Governmental Organisation, which was established within Ambalangoda. The foundation was established to act as a leading force for developing communities and wild life conversation projects that are supported throughout Sri Lanka. Shakthi Foundation was born in May 2013, thanks to donations and contributions that were provided by Shakthi Eurasia Exchange private Limited; a commercial and business based company.

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